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1. Symptoms:

Human's body is the precisest instrument in the world. None of man-made instruments and examinations is able to achieve the same level. If you would like to check if you are sick, you have to look into the symptoms that you have, instead of the results from physical examinations. If you are sick, your body will certainly warn you. Don't think it will let you go: Is chronic shoulder pain sickness? Yes! Are occational dizziness and headache sickness? Yes! Is chronic constipation sickness! Yes. Is pain coming with menstruation sickness? Yes! Many small details that you usually overlook are the warnings from your body. These symptoms may look like not a big deal. However, they are the signs showing some problems in your body, and if you ignore of them for years. The problems become worse, and finally you may have heard people saying" Why? Why do I have a cancer?". Please pay attention to unusual and small symptoms chronically occuring to you. You are the only one who cares of yourself. No one else can do so.

2. Do your symptoms recur at a certain time everyday?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we believe that the energy regularly flows through human's body under a schedule, which is a cycle of 24 hours. As a result, if your symptoms recur at a certain time everyday, it is an indication that some organs in your body have problems according to the recurring time.

3. Living and dietary habits

Without a doubt, good living and dietary habits are important to health. People should sleep before 11pm and should not frequently stay up, as liver and gallbladder start to work from 11pm (refer to item 2). Most diseases come from erraneous dietary habits. Uncooked, cold and raw food, such as salads, sandwitches, cold drinks are not recommended since the "characteristic" of the food is cold. When our stomach and spleen absorb the cold characteristic for many years, they become cold, too. Therefore, they will not be able to function normally. Think about this: all of biological entities, from viruses, cells to organs and animals, require certain heat (temperarure per se) and energy to operate. If any of our organs becomes colder than the required temperarue, they will not be fully functional. At this time, commonly seen diseases like cancers, heart failure, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc. occur.

4. Bowel movements and urinations

Healthy people should have bowel movements once to twice everyday. Frequent constipation is a problem. The wastes should be tight, and loose wastes indicate a problem with spleen. Urinations should be light yellow, and should not be too many times a day. Four to six times are good, but frequent urinations during the night are a problem. If your urinations are white and clear, and if you urine right after drink, these symptoms are big problem with your kidney. Come to see us.

5. Sleep

Good sleep is the basis of good energy during a day. Surely, insomnia is a problem. You should see us. TCM ia able to completely save you from insomnia. If you are not insomnia but wake up during the night at a fixed time, this is positively a problem (please refer to item 2). For example, patients at early stage of liver cancer cannot usually sleep during 1 am to 3 am. Please do not ignore of the wake-up indication.

6. Appetite

Excessive appetite is sick. No appetite is sick as well. Appetite is an indication of stomach function. Normal appetite is three meals a day, and no snacks between meals. Healthy diets are eating 80% full in every meal and keeping slightly hungry anytime.

7. Thirst

Are you often thirsty? Do you feel mouth dry, but you don't want to drink at all? Would you like to drink cold water or hot water? The above questions are to check if you have enough water as your body needs, and if your body is cold or hot. American people like drinking cold water, as a result, when you check if you like to drink hot water or cold water, please think about your true feeling rather than your drinking habit.

8. What is your body temperature? Are you weak to coldness and winds? Are your hands and feet cold at room temperature (in heat A/C room during winter)?

Healthy body temperature is around 37 degrees celsius. This is the best temperature for human cells to function. Any biological experimentalists know that culturing cells needs accurate temperature, 37 degrees celsius, to obtain the best cell culture. Therefore, if your body keeps its temperature below than 37 degrees celsius for years, your organs will gradually become malfunctional. There was once a statistical report showing that modern people averagely have lower body temperature like 36.5 degrees celsius than those who were in 40's and 50's. This is a result of drinking and eating a bunch of cold food, such as ice cream, salads, cold soft drink, for decades. Additionally, coldness will make your blood and energy circulating in your body more slowly, and thus wastes and blood clots will progressively accumulate in your body. This is physics that everybody knows, but is ignored by western medicine. Cancers, strokes and heart attack will then come to you when the watses and blood clots are present and clogging in your organs and blood vessels.

9. Sweat

If you are motionless, but sweaty a lot, or sweaty a lot when eating hot food or drinking hot water, or sweaty a lot when sleep, your spleen and lung are weak. These symptoms are also an indication for weakness of your immune system.

10. Menstruation (Female Only)

Healthy menstruation should not make women uncomfortable. Before mestruation, if you feel upset easily, and feel unrest, or if you have chest pain, abdominal pain, and migraine headaches, these are indications to you that your body has problems. Mentruation is a bless for women, as it is a channel for women to purge wastes from their body. Otherwise, if women do not have healthy menstruation, wastes will easily accumulate in their body, and subsequently serious problems like cancers and lupus will occur to those who do not have normal and healthy menstruation. If you want to look more beautiful, you should have good menstruation, including regular periods, and correct length of the period. Good periods should be 28 days, but 26 to 30 days are still ok. Menstruation should come for 5 days. Less menstruation before 47-50 year-old is a big problem. If you have problems with menstruation, you should correct them as soon as possible.

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