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Welcome to YIYIHERBS® herb shop. I am Hung Chang, the chief herb specialist in the herb shop. Our mission is to employ Traditional Chinese Herbs to resolve health problems that everyone may daily encounter, from flus to cancers. As you may or may not know, contemporary western medicine has huge problems, such as being highly toxic, having severe side-effects, and being high costs. However, the worst is not over. After patients are heavily addicted to drugs, bear tons of side-effects, and spend lots of money, their problems are still not resolved. Consequently, patients take more and more pills and gradually become weak and die in pain.

Apart from western medicine, Chinese herbs are non-toxic minerals and plants in nature. So herbs are like food that we eat everyday, as a result, they should be defined as "dietary supplementals", instead of "medicine". Since they are dietary supplementals, they do not have side-effects to people. Herbs are usually low costs, and they are therefore more cost-effective than western medicine. Comparing to western medicine, Chinese herbs are safe, gentle and economic. There have been a number of reports about toxicity of herbs. In fact, their conclusions come from erraneous research on herbs. Conventionally, people apply the research methods in western style to Chinese herbs, i.e., analyzing the chemical components of a single herb. These methods totally conflict with how we utilize herbs. We employ "herb formulas", which are mixtures of ten to twenty types of herbs, in place of single herbs. A single herb may have toxic substances from analysis; nevertheless, when it goes with other herbs, its toxicity will be neutralized or detoxicated by the other herbs. These reactions are extremely complicating, and they cannot be analyzed by current techniques.

What is the actual secret of herbs? It is "Enjoy the Power from Nature", as shown in our homepage. Everything has its own "characteristics", which come from nature and environments. There is a Chinese saying :"Oranges will become sour oranges across over Huai river". Plants of the same variety will change their taste due to different soils and environments. Namely, these plants attain different "characteristics" from different surroundings. Another example is boiling water. If we boil a cup of water, the water will have the characteristic of "heat". When we drink the hot water, we do not only drink the "water", but also absorb the "heat". None can deny the hot feeling after drinking a cup of boiling water. The hot feeling is the characteristic of "heat" absorbed into our body. However, if we analyze the chemical components in both boiled water and cold water, we will obtain the same result : H2O. Modern techniques are only capable of analyzing chemical components within a substance, but incapable of analyzing "characteristics" within the substance. This is the biggest misconception that people have about the capability of modern science.

Back to "Enjoy the Power from Nature": each type of herbs has its own "characteristics" conferred by nature,and we utilize these "characteristics" to harmonize and adjust our body for recovering our health. For example, if our body is too damp, we may use the herbs with the characteristic of "dehumidity" to remove dampness in our body; if our body is excessively hot, we may take the herbs with the characteristic of "cool" to reduce the heat in our body. We here emphasize again that mixtures of several types of herbs are used in our formulas rather than single herbs. The aforementioned "characteristics" can be released by cooking herbs. That is to say, when you drink the tea, you are drinking not only the "components" of the herbs, but also absorbing the "characteristics" conferred by nature. This natural power is much superior than any artificial medicine and nutrition (i.e. vitamin). So we can say that herbs are the most advanced and scientific method to resolve health problems. We should enjoy this bless from nature.

Enjoy the Power from Nature: HERBS



Hung Chang

Chief Herb Specialist, YIYIHERBS®

12/13/09 at Arlington Texas

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